PASE Group

Under the PASE Group, our clients have the luxury of being catered for from an International level on all their Tactical, Operational, Security Consultative and Outdoor needs. We cater for professional as well as individual needs, with Internationally Accredited and Non-accredited courses being provided, Consultation and the Management and Execution of high value projects, delivering turn-key projects pivotal to both our International and Local markets. Our personnel are Internationally accredited and recognised, with a vast array of expertise to ensure total client satisfaction.

PASE Consulting

PASE Consulting focusses on Project, Risk and Contract Management – as well as Forensic investigations and the conduct of vulnerability assessments for our vast range of clientele, ranging from urban to rural environments.


PASE ATC is a highly specialized training services provider with more than 70 designated and registered courses aimed at enhancing and providing advanced tactical and operative training, customized or tailored, to the security and private industries. We serve executive requirements both international and locally.


PASE High Risk Protection Services is involved with the protection of high net-worth assets ranging from VIP protection services, Security Services to Endangered Species. We transport, provide on-site protection and assist in the facilitation and provisioning of a secure transit and or static environment for our valued clientele.

PASE Counter Poaching

Our Counter Poaching division caters specifically for the client who needs to protect, transport or observe any prized or high value movable asset. We are independent and have a proven track record at various sites. We also offer deployment services to remote sites for protection and containment requirements. Contact us for more information.

PASE Adventures

PASE Adventures is a company who provides a platform to build certain skill sets which are enablers to anyone who would like to pursue outdoor activities, ranging from tailored courses for groups and individuals, including Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Gap Year Boot camps, Field days and Nature Discovery Courses.